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A Policy of Lies pdf books
Title:A Policy of Lies
Format Type:eBook PDF / e-Pub
Number of Pages:181

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    Hell Cop

    Hell Cop

    Welcome to Parmas City where demons and sorcerers live among ordinary people and a few tough Hell Cops protect them all Jay Argent and Ben are three of them and they ve just met the men of their hottest dreams br br b i Next of Kin i b by Astrid Amara br Jay Yervant is a Hell Cop so powerful that his bare skin incinerates anyone he contacts Isolated he is tortured by desire until he meets Brian a sensual young man who touches him with impunity But Jay s burgeoning hope is threatened when a malevolent sorcerer unleashes a host of demonic assassins against Brian Keeping his lover may cost Jay his life br br b i Red Sands i b by Nicole Kimberling br Anthropologist Michael Gold s got problems His apartment s been ransacked his dad s missing and he s been framed for murder As a half demon he expects trouble from the city s Hell Cops Instead he gets Argent a man with intimate knowledge of Michael and whom Michael can t penetrate with his psychic powers So does Argent want to clear him or expose him br br b i Touching Sparks i b by Ginn Hale br When photojournalist James Sparks discovers an underworld of sorcery blood sports and demonic drug traffic he turns to Detective Ben Moran a hard bodied Hell Cop whose touch sends James s pulse racing But when James uncovers evidence of police corruption he realizes that Moran may be in as much danger as he is br br i Publisher s Note This book contains explicit sexual content graphic language and situations that some readers may find objectionable Anal play intercourse male male sexual practices strong violence i

    The Archer's Heart

    The Archer s Heart

    In the ancient kingdom of Marhavad noblemen dominate the lower castes wielding mystic weapons known as shartas against any who oppose them For generations the rule of Marhavad s kings has been absolute But now the line of succession is divided and whispers of revolution are heard in even the royal palace br br Keshan Adaru an outspoken man of unearthly charms welcomes these changes All his life he has foreseen an uprising that will shatter the castes and end the tyranny of the old laws His visions have driven him but now at the brink of their fulfillment he finds himself obsessed with Prince Jandu Paran a man whose entire family must be destroyed if the kingdom is to be freed br br Tarek Amia would gladly see Jandu Paran brought low Born the son of a charioteer Tarek has no love for the royal princes who have slighted and insulted him all his life Only Keshan s philosophies have elevated him from the brutal ranks of common soldiers Tarek owes Keshan his devotion but he is a pragmatic man and when he discovers Keshan s reckless affair he realizes that Keshan may have to be sacrificed for the sake of his own revolution br br Young Prince Jandu Paran has never concerned himself with court intrigue His life has been dedicated to the lordly art of archery and mastering the immense powers of the shartas Handsome and arrogant he is sure that no man can surpass him and yet Keshan Adaru s mere touch brings Jandu to his knees But his desire for Keshan is more than forbidden it threatens to destroy Jandu s pride position and family In the midst of this turmoil an unspeakable event forces Jandu to redefine the meaning of honor and loyalty br br And now as armies arise to war each man must decide where his allegiance lies and what he will sacrifice in his heart and on the battlefield

    Hell Cop 2

    Hell Cop

    b i Trust Me i b by Astrid Amara br Brian Day s no longer the na ve country boy Jay Yervant fell in love with A hardened hell cop with dangerous powers Brian s osmotic abilities are growing out of control When two men are found dead killed by an osmotic Jay wants to clear Brian s name But Brian s erratic powers threaten even Jay s survival and he s left wondering if his lover is as innocent as he claims br br b i Dark Waters i b by Nicole Kimberling br After a year of seeing Detective Argent Michael Gold is uncertain about the future of their relationship Can a liberal university professor and a Hell Cop find a happily ever after When Michael invites Argent on an anthropological study he thinks they re performing an experiment in domesticity But when a dead body appears Michael and Argent end up playing detective instead of playing house br br b i Such Heights i b by Ginn Hale br Photojournalist James Sparks fled to the exotic Storm Palace to escape his relationship troubles But soon he s witness to a murder and the man he least wants to deal with his lover Detective Ben Moran is on the case

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    Twenty years ago Levi Kaszeri survived a brutal rebellion on the mining colony of Tarus Now as an aspiring reporter Levi has a mission to expose the massacre to the public and bring the men responsible to justice But after a violent attack he is rescued then seduced by Tiergan Seoras a young doctor with a dangerous past and a slave tattoo Soon Levi finds all of his investigations leading him back to Tiergan And he begins to fear that the best lover he s ever had may also be his worst enemy br br i Publisher s Note This book contains explicit sexual content graphic language and situations that some readers may find objectionable Anal play intercourse male male sexual practices violence i br A Policy of Lies books by Astrid Amara

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