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Read online A Beautiful Bricolage.pdf PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC A Beautiful Bricolage Theopoetics is a plea for a more fully human way of speaking about God in the twenty first century a way that offers new life to dry and dying platitudes Drawing deeply from linguistics theology philosophy and even quantum mechanics theopoetics attempts to reimagine the relationship between human language and speech about God through poetic phrasing and metaphor thereby proposing a new God talk Interacting with selective works from within the discipline Silas Krabbe offers a guide that not only maps the diversity of thought but also charts what is going on in the depths of the field Using the metaphor of a river Krabbe attempts to baptize the reader into theopoetics by leading an immersive exploration sounding its waters hearing resonances and echoes feeling its flow and becoming entangled in the braiding of its streams Plunging ever more deeply into the differences that exist within the discourse of theopoetics Krabbe is able to identify common aims currents and even hints of where this theopoetic river may lead Not only a text about theopoetics A Beautiful Bricolage is a work of theopoetics itself It thereby draws the reader into a mode of inquiry that repudiates those who attempt to grasp it Silas Krabbe has produced a wide ranging and engaging entree into the multiple varieties of theopoetic work which succeeds in sorting out their divergences and intersections and assesses their contributions to a conversation that lies at the heart of what is called radical theology JohnD Caputo Thomas J Watson Professor of Religion Emeritus Syracuse University David R Cook Professor of Philosophy Emeritus Villanova University InA BeautifulBricolage Silas has not thank the sweet heavens above compiled an orderly array of meaning containers He has instead engaged in poetic utterance replete with bumping colliding embracing and lots of resonating Given time and space to reverberate these words can crumble walls and open worlds not because Silas has captured and contained meaning but because he daringly seeks to resonate with that which isalready resonating Steve Frost Executive Director The Tasai Collective Krabbe s work is a subtle and patiently wending read aptly contributing to theopoetics theory and interpretation within academic theology and continental philosophy of religion L Callid Keefe Perry The Association for Theopoetics Research and Exploration Krabbe offers a stunning rehearsal of the key moves and histories of theopoetics as such even as he performs a gorgeously unpretentious poetics of his own Aesthetic and political deconstructive and creative historical and prophetic this beautiful bricolage conspires at multiple levels across and beyond disciplines with this ancient and cutting edge discourse Catherine Keller Author George T Cobb Professor of Constructive Theology Drew University A playful scouting report on theopoetics an excitingcamp of religious thinkers whoare shaking up the theological world James H Olthuis Emeritus Professor of Philosophical Theology Institute for Christian Studies Toronto Silas Krabbe is the Community Theologian and Coordinator at Mosaic Church located in Vancouver s downtown eastside one of Canada s poorest neighborhoods A graduate of Columbia Bible College BA in Biblical Studies and Community Development and Regent College MATS in Christianity and Culture he seeks to entangle contemporary theologies issued from the ivory tower with back alley musings about the world by Silas C Krabbe, Loren Wilkinson

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